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We bring our considerable business experience to the legal sector helping law firms and licensed conveyancers to grow and develop their business more profitably. We work with Partners, Managers, fee-earners, departments and teams to improve their performance. We can also fulfil the role of
Non-Executive Director for firms welcoming independent, objective input.

Martin Wyatt


Martin Wyatt spent over 20 years as Sales and Marketing Director for International software companies whose application areas were ‘Decision Support’ and ‘Executive Information Systems’, so he has gained great experience in working with senior management teams in National and Global enterprises both UK and Overseas. 

He subsequently ran a successful Sales Training Firm and in 2008 he spotted a gap in the market for training in the Legal sector with the advent of the new ABS structures. Even though the threatened revolution has not transpired as feared, all firms can benefit from improvements to their enquiry conversion rates and keep a keen eye on profitability.

Martin’s unique, memorable and pleasant style of training helps participants to see why and how they can change their behaviour in order to improve performance. 

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Mike Porter


Mike gained considerable business experience during his career in private banking with Coutts & Co., looking after the affairs of High Net Worth individuals, professionals and their practices.

Subsequently he has been involved with strategic business planning and implementation, working directly with a number of professional firms both in the UK and Ireland. 

Since 2008 Mike has focused exclusively on the legal sector, working with law firms and licensed conveyancers he has helped them to provide a better client experience, drive their fee income and improve profitability. A specific area of focus is helping firms to convert more of the opportunities they have into additional, profitable new instructions. 

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